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Handwoven Red Mexican Rebozo Shawl, 'Crimson Enchantment'

$ 26.00

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Simply beautiful in red, this Mexican rebozo shawl is made by Benjamin Garcia. He represents the third generation in his family to preserve and share the classic elegance of this traditional shawl. 

Woven by hand, lacy borders descend into a long cascading fringe, a classic trait of the rebozo wrap. Garcia's hand-woven shawls might show a slight variation in size, resulting in up to 2 inches longer (but not shorter).

"For more than 40 years, my family and other expert weavers have been making shawls. We also collaborate with other people from rural towns who put the finishing touches on the rebozos, that is, the ends of the border designs. They are experts in this art. "What distinguishes our creations is the quality of the materials. All of the work is done by hand and most of our products are completely woven with cotton. We also like to offer a wide variety of designs to our customers. We are up-to-date on trends and seasons, but also seek to include classic designs, like the ones we used to see our grandmothers wear." - Benjamin Garcia, Mexico