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Family Travel Quest Poster

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"Are we there yet?" That's the quest! See how many States and Top 50 Family Destinations you have visited.

From our house to yours, welcome to the Family Travel Quest! Use the vintage license plates to mark how many states you’ve been to and the fun destination icons to track how many family friendly destinations you’ve visited on your quest to see them all. Challenge yourself or other families and see how many you can get — may the best family win!

Great gift for any family that likes to travel, and loves a good challenge!

Check ‘em off your list

We include checkmark stickers so you can cross things off your list. Been to the Grand Canyon? Yep, use a check mark sticker to mark the icon and check it off your list.

Been to Kansas? Down to Florida? Over to California? Place the check mark stickers next to those cool vintage license plates and see how many you can get!

Capture those memories

This laminated map lets you keep track of all those places you’ve been. A Minneapolis artist designed each icon just for you to track your vacation destinations. Each one incorporates a spot for your checkmark as you cross them off your list. Ah, the memories!

Plan your next trip

Once you check the places you’ve been, use the map to see what you can cross off on your next trip. You may have to put it to a family vote, that’s what happens at our house! Hang it on your wall and let your imagination run wild. Good luck, and happy trails.

How's it made?

This map is printed on quality paper, then laminated on both sides for longevity. All components of this product are made right here in Minnesota.

Framed Version Also Available

Poster Size 19x26