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Joy is in the Journey Plaque and Think Globally Hat

$ 40.00

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Here is a great gift set for the Grad who plans to travel!

The Joy is in the Journey plaque encourages your grad to enjoy the journey, not only their physical journey, but the bigger journey of life as well! If they are lucky enough to receive a World Traveler map, the plaque looks great hanging above or below it.

While the new graduate is on the road, they can wear this earth-friendly 100% organic corps hat that makes a great statement. One size fits all! The message "think globally" may mean a few different things ‰ÛÒ whether it encourages you to consider your impact on the earth, or to celebrate the differences of all of us that share this planet ‰ÛÒ it is a message that still needs to be heard.

Plaque size: 3 1/2" x 16"

Keyhole opening on back for hanging.