Civil War Battlefields Travel Map

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Here is the perfect gift for the Civil War buff in your family! This travel map includes historical information about the Civil War, and plots out all 388 battlefields which are still around to visit today. Beautiful and historically accurate, this map is must have for any Civil War enthusiast.

Unique Civil War Collectible

Sadly, many battlefield sites have been lost to commercial development, but this beautiful map identifies the Civil War Battlefields that are protected (at least most of them are!) and available to visit today. Historians helped us create this wonderful piece of art and history, which includes information on major battles, casualty rates, win/lost records by battle and general facts about this unique time in American history.

Pins Included!

Use the custom pin set to mark the battlefields you have visited, what's next on your list, and the favorite place you have visited so far.

Perfect Addition to Your Home or Office

Framed in a dark, rustic wood this is a beautiful framed print to hang in any home, den or office. Finished size is 21" x 33".

Great Gift

The Civil War Battlefield Travel Map is a great gift for any Civil War buff. Our customers love the combination of historical information and beautiful map, but they also enjoy the ability to track their travels to the battlefield sites. This map is as unique as the war it documents and is sure to be a treasured item in any Civil War collection.

Framed Map size is 21" x 33".