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Beaded Wrap Bracelet

$ 20.00

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This bracelet was made by members of the Hope Again Women's Project in Rakai, Uganda. Each purchase supports the livelihoods of mothers and grandmothers in Rakai who care for and provide for their children as well as additional children in the community who have lost their parents.

Members of the Hope Again Women's Cooperative cut recycled magazines into strips, roll the strips into beads, and then shellac and string them on wire to create a beautiful wrap bracelet just for you! 

Size: This bracelet wraps 4 times around your wrist to provide a fashionable addition to any wardrobe. One size fits most.

These bracelets are made by the Hope Again Women's Project in Rakai, Uganda where the first case of AIDS in the world was diagnosed.The Hope Again Women's Ministry project employs more than 300 women, many of whom are widows affected by HIV/AIDS and who care for multiple children in their households. The women produce jewelry made from recycled magazines and hand-dyed, hand-woven grass items! The purchase of these bracelets provides income to women affected by the HIV/AIDS virus, which enables them to obtain medical care and support their children and orphans in their communities, and also helps feed children around the world!